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I miss my dA anniversary every damn year. It's hard to believe I've been a member on dA for 11 years. I was just a socially awkward 13 year old when I joined, and dA has seen me through middle and high school, college, and countless jobs. I'd like to say I've matured quite a bit during this time, but I'm pretty sure I'm mentally still around 16 years old. My artwork has certainly matured and evolved with the years, with me trying everything from crappy anime-style OCs (hey, I was 13) to emotes (still love 'em, and its awesome community) to abstract photography (that won awards!)...Lately I've been doing a lot of wildlife/zoo photography.

So, some news...

I got married! And moved back to Indiana. And I'm going to Air Force basic training in November. My new husband and I are very excited about this new direction in our lives. If there was a time machine and you showed me this journal entry when I was 13, I'd call bullshit. Over the last few years my idea of what my future holds has changed so dramatically. From grad school, to trying to break into the art world, to now joining the military.

In dA news, I really enjoyed hosting a contest like 2 or 3 years ago (damn, was it really that long ago?) in celebration of my 9 year anniversary. I'd like to hold one again. I have an idea in mind, just working out the details, and the finances. :) More details to come!
It's been over a year since my last journal entry here. The last year has been odd. I live on my own now. It's a nice townhouse, about a mile from Clearwater beach. I quit Gamestop. Hooray. I now work full-time at a pet store, which is nice. Since moving to Florida, I've accumulated approximately a billion pets.

-Two bearded dragons, Norbert and Toothless.
-Four frogs: Clyde, a Pacman frog; Buddy and Lucky, Cuban tree frogs; and Fatty, a Florida bull frog.
-Three cats: Pushka, Prissy, and Sherwood. All black. All adorable.
-Three lizards: Ted, a Bahaman anole; Evelyn, a five-lined skink; and Mosby, a long-tailed grass lizard.
-Two snakes, though they're actually my mom's. Natas is a corn snake, Lillith is an albino king snake.
-Two ferrets, Bandit and Kilo.
-Two hamsters, Peach (Chinese dwarf) and Kirby (Winter White).
-Six betta fish. I literally don't even remember all their names. They all begin with 'B', and I usually just call them all "Bob."
-Four African cichlids: Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny. Kenny is the only survivor.
-Four neon tetras (all named Nemo), and a creamsicle lyretail molly, Zeus.
-Misc. fish that aren't named.

Some of those pets have come and gone; I don't currently have all 30+ animals in my apartment. I've let some go, some have died (I miss you, Peach!), and others have been given to other homes.

In the way of finding a design or photography job, no luck. Earlier this year I had an internship with the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa, and I posted some of my work from that here. The internship ended a couple months ago.

In the way of planning my future, I'm joining the Air Force. I'm super excited for the opportunities it will bring, though I don't yet know what my AFSC will be. I've hit a small block in enlisting, but I'm working on resolving it, and then I'll be good to go. :)


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