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It's been over a year since my last journal entry here. The last year has been odd. I live on my own now. It's a nice townhouse, about a mile from Clearwater beach. I quit Gamestop. Hooray. I now work full-time at a pet store, which is nice. Since moving to Florida, I've accumulated approximately a billion pets.

-Two bearded dragons, Norbert and Toothless.
-Four frogs: Clyde, a Pacman frog; Buddy and Lucky, Cuban tree frogs; and Fatty, a Florida bull frog.
-Three cats: Pushka, Prissy, and Sherwood. All black. All adorable.
-Three lizards: Ted, a Bahaman anole; Evelyn, a five-lined skink; and Mosby, a long-tailed grass lizard.
-Two snakes, though they're actually my mom's. Natas is a corn snake, Lillith is an albino king snake.
-Two ferrets, Bandit and Kilo.
-Two hamsters, Peach (Chinese dwarf) and Kirby (Winter White).
-Six betta fish. I literally don't even remember all their names. They all begin with 'B', and I usually just call them all "Bob."
-Four African cichlids: Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny. Kenny is the only survivor.
-Four neon tetras (all named Nemo), and a creamsicle lyretail molly, Zeus.
-Misc. fish that aren't named.

Some of those pets have come and gone; I don't currently have all 30+ animals in my apartment. I've let some go, some have died (I miss you, Peach!), and others have been given to other homes.

In the way of finding a design or photography job, no luck. Earlier this year I had an internship with the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa, and I posted some of my work from that here. The internship ended a couple months ago.

In the way of planning my future, I'm joining the Air Force. I'm super excited for the opportunities it will bring, though I don't yet know what my AFSC will be. I've hit a small block in enlisting, but I'm working on resolving it, and then I'll be good to go. :)


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