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Emote DD RoundUp: October

Thu Nov 1, 2012, 1:52 PM

Daily Deviations RoundUp

Emote king - :emoteking: by NerdyGeekyDweeb by NerdyGeekyDweeb
All hail the emote king, with his wonderfully pixelled sword and banner! Such a luxurious mustache, too! This deviant's gallery is so full of such wonderful and creative emotes, as well as a variety of other mediums.

Strawberry Decadence by Quolia by Quolia, suggested by IceXDragon
This deviation has tons of delicious detail to make your mouth water. The strawberries on top of an in the cake are just so wonderfully pixelled!

insert semi-cheesy title by sneakyPancake by sneakyPancake, suggested by IceXDragon
In the words of the suggester, "The lighting and the shadows coming from the two love birds and the lamp is awesome and accurate!"

Superhero Glomp B by catluvr2 by catluvr2, suggested by Mirz123
This emote is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it!

Fall Feelings by EternalxRequiem by EternalxRequiem, suggested by I-is-smart and Mirz123
This deviation beautifully reflects the changing of the season with muted colors and wonderful pixeling.

Ocean by xxghost250xx by xxghost250xx, artist suggested by spring-sky
It's amazingly pixeled, with much depth and texture, and it's nicely framed and presented. There's a lot of other awesome pixelled pieces in the deviant's gallery!

Herb A. Vore by a-kid-at-heart by a-kid-at-heart
To use such limtied colors on an emoticon is a challenge, but to do it on such a large and detailed one, fantastic!

:thumb314674136: by ARIrish2 (aka ARIrish), suggested by Mirz123
This is the result of 3 projects and 79 participants, and showcases the outstanding ability of the community to come together and produce impressive projects like this. The project itself is presented well in a Flash format, and the story the project tells is told in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Well worth a view and read!

:thumb330619999: by 8-bitCoffee
These are some unique emoticon cursors! You too can have your own custom emote cursor set, as they are open for commission from the deviant.

Summer Entry by Infinite-Carousel by Infinite-Carousel, suggested by IceXDragon
This deviation is presented in a unique way that captures the fun of summer activities. It is a nice reminder of the summer season.

Scared by a toaster by Czar-the-Dragon by Czar-the-Dragon
Who hasn't been scared by a toaster before? The animation and expressions are so wonderful in this!

Pearl in the Oyster Shell by Kohaku0827 by Kohaku0827
The bright colors are very eye-catching, and the subtle shading is a treat, too.

:thumb289568592: by Piirustus
It was very hard to pick just one thing from this deviant's excellent gallery, so check out everything else Piirustus has to offer as well. This one was chosen because of the uniqueness, adorableness, and slight creepiness of the monster.

Pumpkin Kronos Kitteh.... by Astral-Dragon by astraldragon
Is so smoothly animated, it's mesmerizing! Happy Halloween!

Other Emote Features

A Parade of Purple Emotes! - For Spirit Day
Emote Zombie Feature - For Halloween
ZOMBIE LOVE, DD Style - Another zombie feature by SparklyDest

If you want to suggest a DD, send me a note! I only accept suggestions from the emoticon galleries. I cannot feature anything by anyone who has had another DD within the last 6 months.

Also, if you personally have any contests or large emote features that you would like listed in the monthly roundup, just let me know and I'll include it!

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